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What Are We All About?

Purity comes from dreams and inspiration. Purity SPA was founded because of passion and love for cosmetics and beauty.

It was created by 3 exceptional women who share similar characters, passions, and worldview, but who have different work experience. What brings them together? A vision of a perfect place, where you can take care of your beauty and state of mind, as well as fate,  is what both made it possible to build this welcoming space.

What Are We All About?

Reward yourself with an utmost relaxing experience of them all, by signing up for a massage session at our salon!

That’s on par with helping yourself get body regenerated with the new energy and spirits re-charged with a new power! We take great pride in our commitment to the ever-evolving needs of our customers. Just as well as to ourselves, and the surrounding world we live in… Our gift within our community is safe space, superior treatments, resources and education. Our team lives and works just to promote health and well-being among all Chicagoans!

Our Services


Skin Exfoliation

Body Treatments



Enjoy Some of the Best Treatments in Town!

Beauty Escape

Pamper your skin, relax your mind, calm your nerves with relaxing music and our new nourishing treatment using a chocolate mask and cherry gel.

Oxygeneo Treatment

This treatment will add a glow to any tired skin. Is your skin dry and lifeless? This treatment will regenerate your face and keep it hydrated and moisturized.


Feel the summer vibe with fresh face and no facial hair! Impossible? But it’s true! Remove old dead skin cells, facial hair, and peach fuzz.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Pressotherapy promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces cellulite, and smooths skin by stimulating micro-circulation. Buy 5 treatments, get 1 free!


Effective treatment for fine lines & wrinkles, elasticity, skin texture, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, enlarged pores, signs of aging and many more.

Eye Lash Extensions

Eye Lash Extensions coming up in September. Please call for more information.